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Purchased a table online. Cymax took m $498.00, but refuses to deliver my table. After calling customer service, I got nowhere. I am planning on fileing complaints with Cosumer Affairs, and the Better Buisness Buerau. I will see satisfaction!!!!!

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made a order for a dresser almost a month ago now and parts were missing and the quality of the dresser was poor. I have had unpleasant and unprofessional customer service attempting to resolve this issue. And they gave little regard that I am a visually impaired disabled customer attempting to live a normal average life like others in society. When the 8 drawer dresser arrived I opened the package and it looked like it would have been an easily... Read more

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In theory one can return an item, in practice it does not work. With the restocking charge and the freight charge, it costs more to return than the cost of the item. We are out $650.31 and have an unusable table that we need to toss! We were going to order a different table from them and have our return picked up at the same time, but they do not do that. Our freight charge was to be $412.68, the restocking charge $162.58, their shipping charge... Read more

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Cymax Stores - Kensington Recliners
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I purchased 2 Kensington recliners from Cymax thru Sears in June, 2015. 18 months later the leather is flaking off and the pull handle to open the reclining part is broke off. Cymax won't stand behind their furniture because the warranty is only 90 days. This stuff is garbage & I'm out $600. I talked with Cymax by email & they won't stand behind their items. Also talked with Sears by email and by telephone and Sears won't stand behind the... Read more

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I have not even received the product yet...and I can already tell that this company has significant issues. Anytime that a company's website and associated links don't work and your purchase cannot be tracked..there has to be a major problem with that company... which equates to very poor management fundamentals and likely to be shady. No ability to communicate to their management in any capacity tells me that they've got a lot of problems... Read more

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Cymax Stores - Same Issue Pemberly Row Bait and Switch
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I was shopping for an office chair with lumbar support as I have been having back issues lately so my wife decided to buy a Serta chair for me from Cymax as they seemed to be listed on several sites including Amazon. They claimed the Pemberly Row chair was part of Serta's Premium line and came in at around $425 versus $315. Considering my back was hurting pretty bad from my old chair the extra $100 seemed to make sense for a premium chair.... Read more

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In brief, they renamed a sofa that sells for half the price on other sites, as well as through them on other sites - the renaming does not allow for an adequate search/price matching. This was discovered upon receiving the item from the original manufacturer. They would not even price match their own price through other sites. Paid $1400 when it should have been less than $700. Upon returning we were hit with $200 in shipping fees, as well $300... Read more

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Cymax Stores - Canadian shoppers beware of EXTRA FEES
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CYMAX is a scam. They say their office is in Burnaby B.C. Canada and FREE SHIPPING. When you get to the check out the price magically doubles with shipping and duty charges. Stay away from these scammers. I was going to order a Serta Futon mattress $112.95 plus tax. Seemed like a great deal until check out time. Cymax Canada address is Unit 310, 4170 Still Creek Dr Burnaby, BC V5C 6C6 Canada. They also have a USA address. 12020 Sunrise... Read more

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Cymax Stores - Disturbing Practice
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I purchased an $800, 3pc sectional, in April '15, from CYMAX and a year and some months later, all 4 of the seat cushions have lumps in them from what feels like springs. I live alone and I'm over 60yrs. I don't abuse my stuff. Cymax says the 1yr warrenty has expired. Wow. That's just about when the springy things made their debut. Amazing. I'm stuck with this cheaply made furniture that I threw my money away on. It seems I have to spend... Read more

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Store advertises by picture a mirror on a dresser and then doesn't ship the mirror and customer service says it's not part of the dresser. Customer service was rude and talked over me talking and obviously did nothing about it. The mirror on the dresser is false advertising and there is no where on the site to add the mirror or say the mirror is not included except in the specifications of product that only's tells you of the dresser and... Read more

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