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I have ordered from this company before, with no issues. I loved it.

Living in Canada, it was great to find somewhere with a variety of items at a good price, versus the overpriced generic cheap stuff we get in stores here. Recently, I went to order some stools for my kitchen. I found that the website loads only a :) on their webpage. I didn't think much of it, and headed over to and spent a couple hours, and selected what I wanted.

I could not select Canada as a shipping address. "Must be a problem with my browser or the website" I thought. I called in, and the lady told me they no longer ship to Canada!! I was so pissed off.

A CANADIAN company does not ship THEIR OWN MERCHANDISE to THEIR OWN COUNTRYMEN?? There is no mention of not shipping to Canada anywhere on their website that I can find.

But it alludes to how Canadian orders will be charged sales tax, and other information about deliveries in North America, which, (last I checked), INCLUDES CANADA! What a joke.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cymax Stores Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree 100% ... no one even bothers to answer emails.

THIS is a Canadian company? Disgusting!


I feel the same way. Canada has and always will supplement the states.

They are able to get great merchandise that we Canadians are unable to! And we also pay twice as much, sooo frustrating!!

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