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Placed an order for a stroller on October 4th, credit card got charged on October 9th with a promised ship date on 10/16. It's 10/21, and I have no stroller.

Went back to the site, the ship date has been cahnged to DECEMBER 21st. Tried to cancel order on-line, no acknowledgment e-mail.


I do not know why they take money for something that they don't even have and do not intend to ship for another 2 months (if then). I can just hope that they give me my money back since they are not even close to thinking about shipping it.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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I was giving my son and daughter in law a crib and changing table as a present. Cymax send me a email telling me that they can not proceed until I put their address on my account, I never heard of stupitness like that.

They charge me and then send the email, I returned to call the person that send me the email but she never picks up, all she kept doing was emailing me, even when I emailed me phone #, the other cust. serv. rep were the worst I have ever had.

One put me on hold for 10 mins and then the phone started to ring for 8 mins, but no one picked up. How this company is still running and has not been shut down is a surprise to me.


Think about canceling that as soon as possible. Once they say it has shipped, if anything at all is wrong with it, you are in trouble.

I had a porch sectional ordered, the legs were broken on the main piece, they charged me outgoing shipping, return shipping and restocking on the unbroken partial sectional as if I should have kept part of a sectional and waited another 3 months. Although it is free shipping going out, sending anything back revokes that and they slap that charge on also.

Cancel it and tell your credit card you are canceling it for non-delivery. Don't take the chance.

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