Don't ever deal with cymax store's!!!!!! Do not give them business...Ever..

They go under all different name's!!!!!

They are a fraud co. They take your money!!!!!

They tell you one thing and do another!!!!!

They tell you should have wrote damanaged on the way bill, You can't because we did not open box's untill delivery man left the house. That is how they get you......You need to Fight, Fight to get your money back.

All of their merchandise is damanaged!!!!!!All inperfection's on Furn..

They will not take a product back!!!

They don't stand behind there merchandise!!!!! All different storie's.....

You need to fight for your money back,It is Month's now since April-Aug.

Nothing resolved. They give you the run around. They tell you that you received all merchandise and will not give money back. FRAUD, Rip Off"s.

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