I ordered a bedroom set from cymax stores a month before I moved out of my apartment and moved into my new house. They have a guarantee that your furniture should come in 5-7 buisness days after you placed and payed for your order.

Their shipping company is Home direct, and after waiting for one month, I kept checking my tracking online. It said it was supposed to be here May 18th, on the morning of May 18th I called the company to check on my package, and it was in Indiana not even ready to be shipped out yet. I said how is it possible that it supposed to be here on the 18th and it's still in Indiana, when I live in Salt Lake City. They said they would send it out to be shipped out right away.

I called Cymax stores to find out why this was going on with their shipping company, they were rude and said that my estimated delivery was posted out to be delivered on May 28th, when my estimated delivery was May 18th before. I told them that wasn't the estimated delivery that the shipping company must have just changed that recently after I spoke to them just a few minutes prior. They said that could not have happened. I said it has been a month and a half and my bed was supposed to be here 5 to 7 days after I payed.

It has now May 27th and my bed is still in Indiana not even ready to be shipped out.

I would never order from Cymax stores again!

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:sigh I got The email from Cymax, The order confirmation that says when I should get my Order :x

This is what I Order & What I Paid.:x


Lifestyle Solutions Barbados Full Daybed in Cappuccino with Storage Drawers 1 $673.20

Ship Speed: White Glove Express

Shipping estimate: Nov 23, 2011 to Nov 24,2011

Delivery estimate: Dec 5, 2011 to Dec 11,2011


Lifestyle Solutions Barbados Full Daybed Mattress and Bolster Pillows Set 1 $413.10

Ship Speed: Free Shipping - Back of Truck Delivery

Shipping estimate: Nov 23, 2011 to Nov 24,2011

Delivery estimate: Dec 5, 2011 to Dec 11,2011


Southern Textiles Impressions 4-Piece Daybed Bedding Set in Olive Green 1 $169.00

Ship Speed: Ground Shipping

Shipping estimate: Nov 26, 2011 to Nov 28,2011

Delivery estimate: Dec 1, 2011 to Dec 8,2011


I Paid a grand total of $1,230.30 :cry

I just hope I get my order. :sigh :?


Cymax is a fraudulent company. The pictures in the catalogs(internet) look wondeful but when the product arrives it is very substandard.

When you want toreturn they will charge you more than half the money you paid for. I am sure that Cymax is a boiler room operation with lowpaid workers to *** people and steal as much money as possible.

Please write to the attorney general of Virginia as they have an office there. If enough people write maybe Cymax will be shut down.


Same experience. Estimated shipping dates mean absolutely nothing.

When I ordered a table for Thanksgiving they assured me it would be here between Nov 7th and 23rd. I did speak with a customer service representative who was very nice and helpful. Long hours on the phone and still no table although it is sitting at a local warehouse Cymax will not pay the additional shipping to get it here within the shipping window they gave me.

Nor will they allow me to return it without all the fees that amount to more than the table actually costs. File a complaint and contact your credit card company.


I am so mad at these people I can't see straight. For God's sake get some people who can speak English and why is the delivery is 10 days late and why does it take 2 days to talk to a supervisor!

The shipping company is a joke too 45 minutes on hold and a nasty rude person on the line when I did talk to some one. I will never buy from Sears again!


When CYMAX confirms your order it also gives you the suggested shipping date and you can track it in your acccount. Plus when they send you the PRE-Alert that states the shipping information, Lisa darling,you can track with the shipping carrier.

These are the facts, Cymax is a lying company who has no regard for their clients. They would steal your soul, if you let them. They may be able to do business like that in Canada, but ppl in the USA don't. Do you work for CYMAX, have family or friends working there.

I don't believe that the ppl stating their issues with CYMAX are lying here. Unless you personally have had a negative experience, please do not go attacking ppl that have.

Dealing with CYMAX is ***. Maybe if you did have the experience you would be a bit more kind hearted.



Website say 25+ In stock

Wait, wait and wait, when you call the store after few days , they say Back Order


Cymax should be put out of business! Shady practices and horrible customer service.

They will send you damaged items and make you pay them to take it back! Never buy anything from Cymax!!!!


I feel bad for the people on here who had a bad experience with Cymax and almost canceled my order because of all the negative reviews...but I gave the company the benefit of the doubt and had no problem with my order, shipping or delivery. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.


I don't believe anyone can get Stanley furniture bedroom sets in less then 6-8 weeks -- 7-10 days I dont believe you... I did not use Cymax but a local store/seller of Stanley furniture - and was told it could be up to 10 weeks... which I accepted and they delivered in 9.


Just the facts, right Lisa D (NY).

Ordered 11/17/09. Received shipment 12/11/09. Shipment was for the wrong product, so reported to Cymax on 12/11/09. Cymax and Stanley furniture had a dispute about whether what Stanley shipped and what Cymax processed in the order was at fault (12/?/09 - 1/7/10). Cymax contacts customer on 1/7/10 and states that the glitch with the order processing had been resolved 1/7/10 and that the new order is complete but needs management approval. Customer was (and continues to be) very patient and polite, but after a week with no follow-up, contacted Cymax and was told that order had been approved / processed and sent email with tracking info 1/15/10.

Whew! 1/16/10. Next time I'll rent a truck and drive to the Stanley factory and get it myself.

PS: To those having issues with any retailer delivering the correct product on a published schedule, call your credit card company and dispute the charge. Credit Card companies, if supplied thorough information about the order gone bad, are most willing to assist with helping you get what you've been charged for.

PS1: Please make a note that Cymax has a blanket policy that a consumer should not refuse a shipment unless it is damaged. That means if it's the incorrect shipment and an entire bedroom set or more, the consumer should accept and store that wrong shipment until Cymax arranges a pick up. In legal jargon, this is known as a bailment for the sole benefit of the bailee (Cymax).

So just the facts as Lisa D (NY) so eloquently stated...






UGH! Who are these posers that getting on here DEFENDING this company and being rude to the other poor posters who have been SCREWED by this fraudulent company?

They must have some sort of stake in the company!

I too got screwed by Cymax, and will do everything possible to let everyone know not to buy from them. I hope they go out of business!

Chalifert, Ile-De-France, France #28974

I'm also having a terrible time with the company. The sales staff outright lied to me on the delivery date. Then, when I complained, they lied once again by promising a date they couldn't deliver. Finally, they sent me a notice saying they would charge me an outrageous fee if I canceled. I had the decidedly uncomfortable feeling I was dealing with a company perfectly willing to do just about anything, from shipping the wrong item on purpose to credit card fraud.

I called my credit card company, revoked the old card number, and disputed the charges. It's the only way to deal with fraudulent retailers like this firm. Also: consider filing a complaint with your state Attorney General and the FTC (interstate commerce).

This company is BAD. They don't even pretend to offer fair recompense when a sale goes wrong. And then they *** if you don't have the temerity and stamina to stand up for yourself. Because these guys are NOT interested in a fair market exchange. They're simply out to ***.

Pleasant Plains, Arkansas, United States #20907

Cymax doesn't guarantee ship times love. It says ESTIMATED SHIP TIME 7-10 days (varies depending on item). Unlike your article says, "They have a guarantee that your furniture should come in 5-7 buisness days after you placed and payed for your order."

If your going to write a report about a company in hopes of driving away business darling, don't be a fool and lie about the facts.

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