It's taken me 5 months and counting to get fully reimbursed for a purchase and return.After going through 4 service reps and little to no help from nameless, faceless online Returns agents, I finally took my cause to the Better Business Bureau in Vancouver, Canada, because that is where the company's headquarters is located (not Virginia, USA).

The BBB website shows 450+ complaints against CYMAX in the past 3 years, with most of them only having been resolved via BBB's intervention.I am waiting to see if they can do the same for me...Good luck!


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New York, New York, United States #1355300

Ordered Pulaski curio cabinet over 2 months ago back in May.This company/scammer like to tease a lot stating that your order is on your way or coming soon.

I waited patiently for many weeks and I finally cancelled the order. They gave the confirmation of my cancellation and mentioned that it will take 7 to 10 business days for the refund to appear in my account. I've waited over 2 weeks and I still didn't see the refund. I sent an email regarding to the refund and they responded exactly the same way....."Refund has been requested on your order and you'll be refunded in 7-10 business days." AGAIN...lol.

I didn't hear from them again when I stated "I want my refund immediately". This is not a legitimate company as you know and I never had such a trouble with my order. Please don't play this old games with me and to others.

I will make sure that I get fully refunded.I could write longer but what's the point.


i have been waiting for my furniture for 3 months.Delivery was set for 2 weeks after it was ordered.

Do not order from Cymax. BUYER BEWARE!!! I still don't have it. They lie, they blame the delivery company.

The deliver company lies.It's all a scam.

Katy, Texas, United States #701470

Thanks for the advice.After 4 months of contacting them to get our money back I finally file a complaint on BBB vancouver last Sunday.

I receive notification the following Friday (5days) that they were reimbursing us fully. I guess they do not take your request seriously until you go that route. They finally found out all of a suden that the furniture were delivered to a wrong address.... 4 months i have been telling them we havent received them.

Anyway, THANKS A LOT for the advice!Hope it works for you.


:( :( :( It bad experience from them too


This ius a terrible company!!!!!My experience with them is the worst ever with internet sales.

Terrible customer service.SCAM artists!!!!

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