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Do not buy anything from CYMAX they need to be out of business I purchased a bike for my Granddaughter they took my money and NO BIKE. I purchased it on March 2nd, I have tried to get a hold of them, they tell you that they will respond in 24 hours that is not true.

I had to call them twice and guess what, the person I talked to is in India.All I want is my money back so that I may purchase another bike for my Granddaughter. That is all I am trying to do because she keeps asking me when am I going to get my bike.

Cymax should not be in business. Do not buy anything from this company

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It's too bad your bike didn't show up, there is some insider information goiing around for a company that is trying to go public. They have over 90 credit holds with manufacturers.

Including BUSH Furniture where I currently work. It's so bad I would stay away from there if I was you.

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