This company is just a front for other companies. You order your product from their pretty website thinking they have a warehouse FULL of stuff. Then they order it from another company which has to be built somewhere. They are really just an office with a few people in it.

Search for CYMAX Reviews on any search engine and you will find the truth. I regrettably did not and took my chances. My product was lost for 2 months (christmas present ordered in November, showed up middle of January)... Broken and smashed to smithereens.

They will give you the run around when you call in as well. Good luck even getting a human being.

What a shady company this is, not even a company, a room with a few phone monkeys that promise you the world then take your money.

Buy from them at your own discretion, but be warned, there is a reason they are a "little bit cheaper" than everyone else. Pay a few more $ and get it local or from a reputable company. Usually Canadian companies are pretty good, but this one is garbage, unreliable and could care less that you get your stuff.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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New York, New York, United States #842595

cymax stole my money and never refunded it for a loveseat they never shipped and i cancelled order three minutes after placing it. i had to dispute amount with my bank.

it is a shameful company if liars and they remove all negative remarks from their facebook page or website.

however there are plenty of robbed customers to have posted on bbb and ripoff reports. do not buy from them under any circumstances.


News flash - just about every company online has moved to drop shipping directly from the manufacturer, including Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl's, etc... They each have established wholesale prices with the drop shipper.

No companies want to house inventory, and why should they? It's cheaper and easier to send the order directly to the manufacturer via an EDI file. The etailer handles the customer service and the drop shipper covers any defects or damage.

Amazon does handle their inventory in their distribution centers but they run more risk of items being damaged.


Actually, companies like Cymax, Wayfair, Hayneedle and others are called "drop-ship" companies. They're not fronts. I know, because I happen to work for an online drop-ship company myself. Drop-ship companies place the orders for manufacturers that don't want to sell directly to the public and then the manufacturer's ship it out from their own warehouses.

I agree that it's bull that you didn't get it until 2 months later and that it came damaged, but that's probably the shipping company's fault.

If they're giving you the run-around, then I agree that is an issue with their customer service, then. They should probably address that.


Actually, companies like Cymax, Wayfair, Hayneedle and others are called "drop-ship" companies. They're not fronts.

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