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This is the worst experience of online shopping ever.

I bought a Berg bunk bed for my daughter for $1,540 with free shipment. Before buying the product Cymax indicated an estimated delivery date that worked for me. After I clicked the bottom, after payment was made, the estimated date changed for almost a month. Over the phone they promised they would deliver the product within my timeframe. One week before the expected delivery date I was still not able to track my purchase and obtain updates through my online account with Cymax. When I called them they would say there was an "internal operational delay", no more information was available and they could not give me an estimated delivery date (i.e. the product was backordered and they did not even had the courtesy to let me know). When I complained they offer a cancellation which I accepted. They kept my money for another week and never responded to my messages or sent a cancellation confirmation.

Meanwhile I contacted Berg directly, who provided a list of retail stores near to where I live. I contacted Katzs & Sons Inc. and to my surprise they handled all the process with Berg, confirmed delivery by the date I requested in 24 hours and gave me a price $200 cheaper with free shipment and free set up!!

The retail store called me several times to keep me updated on the progress. On the expected day the furniture arrived on time, a great crew of 3 came set up the whole structure in less than 1 hour! They were extremely professional and offered superb service.

Lesson learned: going back to the small neighborhood store is great service and not necessarily more money. I saved about $300 dollars counting that with Cymex I would had had to pay someone to set up the bed.

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